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Initium Designs

  • What platform do you use for website design?
    We primarily use Wix, a user-friendly and versatile website builder. This allows us to create visually appealing and functional websites efficiently.
  • What are the limitations imposed by Wix?
    Wix provides a powerful platform, but there are certain rules and limitations set by Wix that we cannot override. These include restrictions on third-party integrations, code customization beyond Wix Code capabilities, and certain design elements. We work within these constraints to ensure the stability and functionality of your website.
  • Can I request features that are not supported by Wix?
    While we strive to accommodate your needs, we are limited by the features and functionalities provided by Wix. If your request falls outside these boundaries, we will discuss alternative solutions to meet your objectives effectively.
  • How do I provide feedback during the design process?
    We encourage open communication and value your feedback. You can provide input through email, scheduled meetings, or our project management tool. Clear communication helps us understand your vision and make adjustments accordingly.
  • What is the general process for working with your design team?
    Our process typically involves an initial consultation, followed by a design phase where we present concepts for your feedback. Once the design is approved, we move to the development phase. Regular updates and feedback sessions ensure that the final product aligns with your vision.
  • How long does the website design process take?
    The timeline varies based on the complexity of the project. A typical website design and development process can take several weeks. We provide a detailed project timeline during the initial consultation.
  • What is your payment structure?
    Our payment structure is outlined in the project proposal. Typically, a percentage is due upfront, followed by milestone payments as we progress through the design and development stages. The final payment is expected upon project completion.
  • What happens if I want to make changes after the project is completed?
    We offer a post-launch support period for minor adjustments. However, significant changes may incur additional charges. We recommend discussing any post-launch modifications during the project development phase.
  • What is expected from clients in terms of cooperation?
    We appreciate open and respectful communication. Timely feedback and the provision of necessary materials (such as content, images, and branding guidelines) are crucial for the smooth progress of the project.
  • What happens if there is a disagreement or issue during the project?
    We are committed to resolving issues amicably. In case of disagreements, we encourage open communication to find a mutually satisfactory solution. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for both parties.
  • What measures are in place to handle unforeseen complications or delays?
    In the event of unexpected issues affecting project timelines or deliverables, we will promptly communicate with you, outlining the challenges and proposing alternative solutions. We are committed to transparency and finding mutually beneficial resolutions to any complications that may arise.
  • How is client data handled and protected?
    We take the security and confidentiality of client information seriously. Any sensitive data shared during the project, such as login credentials or proprietary information, will be handled with the utmost care and will only be used for the purpose of the project.
  • What is the process for resolving disputes?
    In the rare instance of a dispute, both parties agree to engage in good-faith negotiations to resolve the issue amicably. If a resolution cannot be reached through negotiation, we may explore mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods before considering legal action.
  • Can I cancel the project, and what are the associated terms?
    While we understand that circumstances may change, cancellation terms are outlined in our project agreement. Generally, a cancellation fee may apply depending on the stage of the project. We recommend discussing any concerns or considerations regarding potential cancellations during the initial consultation.
  • How is intellectual property handled?
    Upon project completion and full payment, the intellectual property rights to the website design will be transferred to you. Any third-party elements or tools integrated into the website will be subject to their respective terms and conditions.
  • What happens if there are technical issues with the website post-launch?
    We offer a post-launch support period to address any technical issues or bugs. If the issue is related to our design or development work, it will be resolved at no additional cost during this support period.
  • How is payment handled if the project is not completed?
    If, for any reason, the project cannot be completed, payments will be reconciled based on the work completed and expenses incurred up to that point. Both parties agree to a fair and reasonable resolution in such cases.
  • What happens in the event of changes to Wix's platform affecting my website?
    We will monitor and adapt to any significant changes in Wix's platform that may impact your website. In such cases, we will work with you to find solutions that align with your goals and the evolving platform.
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